Commodore Users Group of Ireland

CUGI's Constitution


1. The club and its objectives
2. Membership
3. Committee
4. Management, functions and authority
5. Meetings
6. Dissolution


1. The club and its objectives

  1. The club shall be called the Commodore Users Group of Ireland. It shall be referred to as CUGI in subsequent parts of this constitution.

  2. CUGI shall endeavour to provide a forum for users of Commodore computers and equipment, allowing members to keep up-to-date with the varying aspects of computer usage.

  3. CUGI shall be affiliated to ICPUG (Independent Commodore Products Users Group) as a regional group.

  4. CUGI does not condone the copying of software or other material protected by copyright. CUGI does not support the illegal use of or access to computer systems.

2. Membership

  1. There shall be three categories of membership: Membership is subject to any restrictions given in the Regulations.

  2. The committee shall determine the annual subscription to be paid by members. This may vary from year to year.

  3. Subscriptions shall be based on a year beginning on October 1st. Any person joining after March shall pay a half-yearly rate. Membership commences on payment of the appropriate subscription.

  4. Members may avail of the club's facilities according to the regulations, provided they have not forfeited that right.

3. Committee

  1. The business of CUGI shall be managed by a committee of not more than eight members and not less than four members who shall be elected at the annual general meeting.

  2. The committee shall be elected to the office for a period of not more than one year, but may, at any time, be removed from office by a resolution carried by at least two thirds of the members voting at a general meeting of the club.

  3. The committee shall elect a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer.

  4. It shall be the responsibility of the chairman to preside over all meetings of CUGI, except when he has named a deputy.

  5. The secretary shall be responsible for arranging and recording all meetings of CUGI and for the handling of all general correspondence relating to the club.

  6. The treasurer shall be responsible for all financial matters relating to CUGI. He shall receive all subscriptions and pay all expenses of the club. He shall also be responsible for keeping an accurate set of books showing the financial state of CUGI.

  7. Each member of the committee shall retire annually but may be re-elected.

4. Management, functions and authority

  1. For the purpose of carrying out any of its powers and duties the committee may make regulations not inconsistent with this constitution.

  2. All members of the club shall be bound by the constitution of the club and by any regulations made from time to time by the committee.

  3. The committee's interpretation of these regulations shall be binding on every member unless set aside by an Annual or Special general meeting.

  4. The committee may appoint project groups and may determine the functions to be exercised by such groups. The members of these groups need not be committee members.

  5. One half of the members of the committee elected for the year shall constitute a quorum. This quorum must include the chairman, the secretary or authorised deputy.

5. Meetings

  1. There shall be three types of meeting held within CUGI:

  2. The annual general meeting shall be held within 2 months of the start of the club year. The A.G.M. shall:

  3. A Special General Meeting of the members may be called by the committee at any time, provided 14 days notice is given to members and an agenda is circulated.

  4. A Special General Meeting may be called at the request, in writing to the Secretary, of at least fifteen members or 25% of the membership, which requisition must state the proposed agenda. The committee shall notify the members and shall call the meeting not later than 28 days from the receipt of such request.

  5. Ordinary meetings shall consist of lectures, demonstrations, discussions or any matters requested by the members.

  6. Committee Meetings shall be called by the Secretary and shall be attended by the Committee and any other invited members.

  7. Any member whose subscription has not been paid shall not have the right to vote, initiate, take part in a General meeting or be elected to the Committee.

  8. Voting on any motion shall be normally decided by a simple majority or a show of hands. The chairman who presides shall have a casting vote.

  9. Where there is any dispute as to the voting procedures to be adopted at a General meeting of the club or any committee meeting, the chairman shall be the sole arbiter.

  10. Amendments to this constitution may only be made at a General Meeting of CUGI, by a majority vote of members present or by proxy. The committee should be notified of such amendments in writing 14 days before the General meeting.

6. Dissolution

  1. The club may be dissolved by a Special General Meeting duly called for that purpose provided that, on the motion to that effect, two thirds of the members present, or by proxy, cast their votes in favour of the motion. The quorum for such a Special General Meeting shall be 25% of members.

  2. In the event of a dissolution, after all creditors have been met, any surplus shall be distributed to a charity approved by the winding-up committee.


(Last updated September 1993)


The subscriptions shall be:

Attendance at meetings

Associate members may visit the club meetings and use its facilities.


The copying of software or other material protected by copyright shall not be permitted at club meetings.

Software library

While blank disks vary in price from time to time, a nominal charge may be required to copy Public Domain software. Disks containing catalogues are usually freely copyable.

Book library

Members may borrow books from the Book Library provided they are returned at the following meeting. Penalties may otherwise be imposed.


Selected hardware items are available for loan to members after a certain period of membership, typically six months. A small fee is payable and a deposit is usually required.

Bulletin board service

The club's bulletin board system is publically available to a limited extent. Full access is automatically granted to CUGI members. Non-members may subscribe separately to gain full access.

Use of facilities

The committee reserves the right to withhold access to any facilities from a member who is deemed to have abused these facilities.

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