Commodore Users Group of Irelad

Recent CUGI News - 8th September, 1997

First of all, if you haven't read our important announcement yet (posted 27 November, 1996), you really should.

If you have read it, you will realise that things didn't quite work out as was expected when that announcement was written many moons ago. This was due to a number of factors, including the fact that we did not move web hosts, as was intended, and that the committee, and particularly our main web developer, did not have quite as much time to devote to CUGI as they had planned. Despite this, our Irish Amiga Users mailing list did evolve as we had hoped, and is gaining a growing following of vocal, committed Amiga users.

Indeed, it was on that very same mailing list that calls were made for a new direction to be taken by the Amiga in Ireland. In answer to these calls, we have set up a sister site to CUGI,, which will be geared specifically towards Amiga users in Ireland. In addition, a small band of Amiga users on the list have recently set up their own web page and support service for Amiga users in Ireland, loosely grouped under the title amiga.ireland.

Despite our own inactivity, and perhaps what might have been expected since the sad demise of Commodore, our web pages have received over 4000 hits in the past year alone. Although this is by no means an astounding amount, it is still quite reasonable for a site that has seen little change within that period. Indeed, CUGI's web site was recently reviewed by (the sadly now defunct) Amiga Computing, and scored a generous three out of five. In addition, the CUGI committee still continue to receive and answer as best we can queries from all over the world on the myriad of machines Commodore produced in its fruitful existence.

We feel that all these things demonstrate the need for CUGI to remain as a separate entity, distinct from amiga.ireland . Both groups have a valuable role to play in the promotion and support of the Amiga and other Commodore machines. CUGI, for its part, will continue to run the Irish Amiga Users mailing list. Thanks to recent changes on our host server, our web pages will also be updated more frequently, and we have a number of interesting developments planned.

While saying all of this, there is no point in duplication of effort between ourselves and amiga.ireland. We wish amiga.ireland well with their endeavours, and we offer them our complete support, both morally, and, where necessary, technically. We have also offered them the use of our limited but useful reference library.

It is our hope that cooperation will be the key to the successful futures' of CUGI, amiga.ireland , and, of course, the Amiga.

The CUGI Committee,
8th September, 1997.