Commodore Users Group of Ireland

Items remaining from the CUGI auction



At the last cugi meeting, most of CUGI's assets were sold. However, CUGI still has some items remaining unsold, most of which originally came from the CUGI library collection. This includes a good selection of technical books pertaining to the Amiga, with works such as the ROM Kernel Reference Manuals (for 1.3 as well as some of those for 2.0), guides to the 68881/68882 FPU, and `C' programming references. Also of interest to programmers is the User Interface Style Guide, which is the official guide to creating a standard user interface.

There are also some more general books, for example, Amiga Tricks and Tips. If you have one of the older Commodore machines, such as the C64 or C128, you'll find a few books relating to the hardware and programming of those machines.


Commodore Reference Manuals

C Programming

General Interest



Commodore 64/128



Purchasing items

If you are interested in buying any of the above items, just contact the CUGI committee, and we can work something reasonable out.
Last updated 25 November 1996.